Oh, more added to the retirement list

I had posted earlier about how we will miss Michael Schumacher and Andre Agassi, two greats of their own sport who added a lot more than just championship-level matches/races, because they retired in 2006.

Even though they are not retiring in 2006 per se, their careers sort of ended at the end of 2006 and we will also really miss Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath.

Whatever you may want to say about Shane Warne and his off-the-field issues, his bowling was fantastic and there was really no time in his career except perhaps when he bowled against India, that he did not look like he was going to take a wicket. He had variety, he had zing, he had a knack of running through an innings and he had an amazing chemistry with his close-in fielders and the wicket keepers. He will truly be missed.

Glenn McGrath on the other hand, has been the silent killer on the team. He comes, he does his job, and goes. Whether it is Test cricket or one day matches, he knows exactly what is expected of him and he provides that and more.

Can’t believe Australia will lose two bowlers who had about 1,000 test wickets between them. This season is the best time to strike against the Aussies because in addition to the two greats they have lost Damien Martyn and Justin Langer, both of whom have played vital roles in the Aussie batting line up for the past many years.

Australia of all the teams in the world is the best in replacing retired cricketers (who missed Steve Waugh in the middle order anymore?) so I am sure they will not miss them much, but I think losing those two bowlers is going to be tough and that’s why it is now or never for whoever wants to beat the Aussies (or come as close to it as possible).


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