Tata Sky issues

The call center reps at TataSky have been trained only to repeat the
two or three lines per topic in their knowledge base.

Recently, I signed up with TataSky just two days before they started
their 6 months free promotion. So I called them and said I would like
to enjoy the promotion too. They said no, and that’s all.

I tried to explain that they may lose me as a customer if they do not
allow me to get the promotion and they only said that they would be sad
to lose me but they cannot add me. So I said cancel my account.

Guess what? They said that I have to write a letter to cancel the
account! What???? Who writes letters in this day and age?

So the alternative provided to me was that I could fax it to them!
Again, what???? Who uses faxes anymore??? There is no online form?
There is no email address? You cannot do it on the phone???? Are you
freaking kidding me?

I got so mad, that I actually went ahead and faxed them a cancellation
notice and immediately things started happening. I got a call from
Bangalore from their backoffice department and they understood my

They did not add me to the promotion but they allowed me to cancel and
set up a new account on the same box.

Which is b.s. because I had to end up paying new ‘installation’ fees
… of course, with the 6 months free promotion, I still came up on top
after paying extra installation fees, but it is ridiculous to expect to
do such jumping around with such a large organization!

Something must be done!


2 thoughts on “Tata Sky issues

  1. Dude ,,,, whats your name. I am also from USC from the 2004 class. I work at Tatasky and was just looking for blogs on Tatasky and came across your profile. If there is something I can help with for a fellow trojan for Tatasky, let me know

  2. RPM says:

    @vivkek: I am glad I got your attention. The first thing you can do is join the TataSky Issues group I started on Google Groups (sign up link on the front page of my blog). I have listed some items that annoyed me (and it is not a comprehensive list, mind you) and I would imagine we just need to get the word out on the forum. People like you can start posting there to alleviate some of the concerns we have as consumers. What say?

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