Finally completed watching the Rose Bowl

Due to the broadbad speed here being a little slower than the minimum requirements specified by ESPN Gameplan online, I was not able to see the Rose Bowl live, or even a few days after … as a result, over the past 4-5 days, I have watched the game in bits and pieces and finally yesterday, the speed was upgraded and I saw the second half in one stretch of viewing.

What a game! I would have never expected it to go that way. I really thought USC may have been mismatched and that Michigan would overpower USC with their balanced offense.

But the USC defense showed up big time and all the role players stepped up and ensured that the Michigan attack becomes one dimensional and then attack the quarterback which ended up with them registering 5 sacks before the first half!

The second half was of course the Booty/Jarrett show with USC finding long passes as and when they wanted.

I hope this game does not symbolize the exorcism of the Rose Bowl ghosts for Pete Carroll and he does not feel his job is done at USC. He should not leave USC and go to the NFL as some rumors have started swirling. I really don’t think he wants to leave USC with such a situation that he has been in and will be, but maybe he is just using the NFL talks as a negotiating vehicle to get even more money at USC.

Whatever he asks for, USC will be and should be able to give. He is clearly the biggest influence on the program and no matter what talent pool there ends up being, without PC, the program will definitely take a dip.

Now, on to the next season … can’t wait for it to start already!!


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