Ohio State whoomped

What an anticlimax the National Championship game ended up being! Sort of like the USC whooping of Oklahoma at the Orange Bowl two years back … where it was also billed as one of the most exciting, well-balanced game that there could be. Only to unfold as a damp squib.

I did not see the game (no, it is not as big as the NFL to be televised in India and I did not buy the game online), but it seems like Ohio State was clueless and just could not stop Florida.

Congratulations, Florida. It is a great win after coming into the game with some people (including myself) questioning whether you should be there at all. Combine the win with the Michigan crushing at the hands of USC, you can not only justify your being in the game, but stick it to everyone who questioned it!

Like I said in an earlier post, on to the next season!


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