The NFL season is over … sigh

Well, not really. But after that build up to the Saints-Bears game and after the thorough defeat of the Saints by the Bears, it almost seems useless to watch the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship game.

Not after the 88-yard TD by Reggie Bush, which by the way, was awesome!

Not after being just 4 points away from the Bears in the 3rd quarter.

The Chicago defense was really solid, but you cannot expect to win the Championship game if you fumble and lose the ball so many times. Not against the #1 seed. Not in their house!

It ended up being a rout at the end, and good luck to the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks!


2 thoughts on “The NFL season is over … sigh

  1. @ RPM – I dont know. Somehow I felt that they were not playing their cent percent (Saints). Am not sure if it was the winter/snow. The number of TOs and Fumbles were unbelievable. But then I should credit Da Bears for forcing them 😉

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