A new favorite radio station

Since I have started listening to some audio books, I have not had a chance to listen to much FM radio. But today, my book got done and I still had a few miles to get to work, so I switched to FM. I wanted to get to the oldies station that I used to listen to at some point, and it seemed like that station had changed its format.

And it is now called the new Movin’ 99.7. I loved it. It plays some old, some new, but all nice “movin” songs. Its been a while since I heard Don’t cha, Rumors, Vogue, etc.

Fun stuff, worth listening to. And now it seems like most radio stations are also streaming online, so I can listen to it at work. I somehow like the “shuffle” feeling of a radio station rather than “you pick” situation with my Yahoo! Unlimited account.

So until I realize that this station is recycling the same 30 songs, I am switching! 🙂


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