We have a thumbsucker

Ok, so it is confirmed. We have a thumbsucker in the family. Our little one has taken to somehow finding her thumb to pacify herself, and also as a requirement to go to sleep.

No biggie at this point. My grandma had would have had braces, my brother had braces, my niece has braces and of course I had braces. So I guess it is almost certain genetically that she will end up having braces.

Also, she seems to have a small outgrowth on the front of the upper jaw which seems to point to a gap on the front. Again, it means she has some of my genes ๐Ÿ™‚

It is such a delight to watch her grow!


2 thoughts on “We have a thumbsucker

  1. GRANDMA had braces?? Whoa, I didn’t know that?!For a baby, its cute.. thumbsucking, I mean. I am sure baby will outgrow it in a while..

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