Formula 1 crept on me!

Uh oh! I did not even realize, but this weekend is the first race of the F-1 calendar! Luckily, because I was scanning the sports paper a little more closely for March Madness information, I noticed the weekend television information and saw that the Australian GP is this weekend.

I did not realize how much impact the absence of Michael Schumacher would have on my F-1 preferences. Granted I am still rooting for Ferrari, especially now because Kimi is part of the team, but still, the excitement and the anticipation is much much lesser now.

In fact, I have not subscribed to the Speed Channel this year. Yup, it was also confirmed by one of my co-workers that the F-1 season this year has no appeal at all because Schumacher is not in the reckoning.

As for my takes, I think Ferrari will win it and Kimi will get his first world championship this year. Massa is decent enough to finish a respectable 3rd or 4th to give Ferrari their world championship. Alonso will struggle with McLaren as a team and will not be able to defend his drivers’ championship title.

Wonder how Hamilton will do – I believe he will have at least 3 DNF’s and will finish no lower than 3rd-to-the-last spot.


2 thoughts on “Formula 1 crept on me!

  1. True. Though I did realize late last week, completely forgot about it today. Kimi’s on pole and I wish he puts his last years performances away and starts firing today. I’m dying to see him win – after all that happened last year and the year before that. Sigh!!

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