Kimi wins his first GP with Ferrari!

I may need to subscribe to Speed Channel after all. Looks like the first race of the season was an exciting one, and Kimi won! Kimi won! Yay!

I have always liked the guy. Unfortunately, he was getting tripped up by the reliability of the McLaren car. Hopefully, Ferrari keeps up its technical abilities and supports Kimi like it did Schumy.

And what a story Lewis Hamilton has been. I hope he is not a one-race-wonder type of thing. It is not easy to get podiums in F-1 today, much less on your debut!

And one final thought – looks like Alonso is not going anywhere after giving up his championship-winning team Renault. He was on the podium with the same McLaren that Kimi kept crashing out with.

Still not sure if I am going to sign up or not. I am leaning towards no for now, but who knows?


2 thoughts on “Kimi wins his first GP with Ferrari!

  1. I thought Speed Channel comes with the basic ‘Comcast package’, I didn’t have to subscribe ‘Speed’.It was a good race – no surprises. Kimi was probably jinxed when he was with McLaren 😛

  2. RPM says:

    @rajesh: No, in the Bay Area, at least in my neighborhood, they have made Speed Channel part of the Sports Package which includes not much else (Fox Soccer Channel is the probably the best of the lot). That package is supposed to include NFL Network but because of the network being old, we don’t get NFL Network in our area anyway. So there was no point for me to shell out another 5 bucks/month for 1 channel effectively. But if Kimi/Alonso heat up their rivalry, it may make sense for me to restart following F-1 again! 🙂

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