Congratulations to Florida (again)

The Florida Gators are double champions this year! Congratulations to them. They played awesome basketball. Unfortunately, I did not see their BCS National Championship game against Ohio State, but I saw some of their NCAA Finals game against the same team and I saw most of their game against ucla.

I must say, this team is rock solid. What a terrific defense they have, and if the other team is crowding the basket there are enough weapons to shoot from outside and kill the opponent with 3’s. That’s exactly what they did against ucla and from the little I saw in the Finals, that’s what they were doing against Ohio State too.

What a year for them, to come back and defend their title from last year. Great coaching, and good use of the talent pool. And of course, superb execution.

Congratulations once again!

And not to jinx it but can some other team repeat what Florida did this year – be National Champions in two prominent sports in the same year? I am not saying anything. 🙂


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