Alonso brings McLaren back to winning ways!

Completely missed writing about this … McLaren Mercedes is back! From all the engine and car reliability issues that they had last year, it is a significant move up to P2/P3 in Australia and P1/P2 in Malaysia.

This Lewis Hamilton kid seems to be good, proving his P3 in his debut race was no fluke by finishing second after a huge run by Kimi.

Meanwhile, it is still way early days in the season but it seems it may be an exciting season this one. I wish I can avail of some alternative to bloody Comcast because I just don’t believe I should be paying as much as I would have to pay, to get Speed channel (and not get the NFL network in that package because they don’t have enough bandwidth!) …

In any case, hope to catch some of the races that CBS tends to show in the middle of the year.


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