And so the semis are set

Finally, after what seems like ages, the round robin crap is over and the semi finals are set in the Cricket World Cup 2007.

I pick South Africa upsetting Australia (have to stick to my earlier prediction of South Africa winning and Australia not even making it to the finals!) and Sri Lanka beating New Zealand.

I know I am going against the tide by picking SA over Australia. But it is a matter of one day’s play. And I think SA will play to win whereas Australia will play with their minds set on the finals and lifting the cup again.

New Zealand will lose to Sri Lanka on the mental front. Once again, I have to stick to my perception of the New Zealand team – that it is great one day team on its day, but it has very few days on big game days.

So, Sri Lanka-SA will set up a repeat of the exciting game that happened earlier, with Malinga creating a riot!

SA will win …


6 thoughts on “And so the semis are set

  1. Interesting thought process and logic. Of course, it is equally likely that Australia play to the form book and beat South Africa and take on Sri Lanka, for a dream final. And this time, with Murali, Vaas and Malinga in place, Sri Lanka get the better of Australia, to bring the cup to Asia!!

  2. RPM says:

    @spm: Yes, Australia are more likely to play to form and not lose, but I would like to root for the underdog like I mostly do. Sri Lanka I think is almost a lock for the finals.

  3. 1st prediction comes true – SL win. eagerly awaiting the 2nd match. Aussies playing pretty good of late, but SA/SL were the only teams that could beat them.

  4. Very interesting to hear Fleming in post-match chat. That from the beginning of the WC, they thought that only Australia and Sri Lanka could beat them. It speaks a lot for NZ’s own self confidence, but more importantly, it also shows the respect that SL had in NZ’s eyes, from the outset (that Australia was in that short list is a no-brainer). I am not sure many others (including us) gave that much respect to SL, until they started playing and delivering.

  5. RPM says:

    @spm: Yes, it shows how they had mentally lost the battle before the start of the world cup. And that was my whole point all the time. And that’s why my initial prediction knocked them off before the semis.

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