The NBA playoffs – torn for support

The NBA playoffs this year are cruel … I don’t know who to really support. Here are my predictions and related predicaments:

Eastern Conference

1. Detroit – Magic: I know it has been a long time since Magic played in the playoffs, but I see no way Detroit is going to lose 4 games to this team. Though I don’t like the Pistons and would love to see Magic create that upset.
No such luck here – Detroit in 4 or 5

2. Wizards – Cleveland: I have not seen much of either, but the LeBron hype machine annoys me a little bit. Don’t care as much as I care about Detroit losing the other series. Wizards are a little short-handed, so I will pick Cleveland in 5 or 6

3. New Jersey – Toronto: Who cares?

4. Chicago – Miami: I would love to see Miami repeat but I know that is absolutely unrealistic. Chicago is a tough team this year and I suspect they will win this series and knock the defending champions out.
Chicago in 7

Western Conference

1. Dallas – Golden State: I do not like Dallas. At all. Actually I don’t like them since the days of Don Nelson (who had said he hates everything about the Lakers). But here is my first predicament – Dallas losing would mean Nellie winning. And getting all the credit for turning things around at Golden State.
I’ll take that over the overhyped Dallas Mavericks.
Golden State in 6

2. Phoenix – Lakers: I would love to see Phoenix go all the way and win it this time. But sadly, here is the second predicament. It will be at the expense of my Lakers. Oh well, let us be realistic. This Lakers team has no chance.
Phoenix in 4 or 5

3. Denver – San Antonio: I would love to see Melo and Iverson for one more series, but again, it would have to be at the expense of the team I would like to win it all. They have already won the first one, but I think Denver will not be able to win 4 against the Spurs. Popovich is going to turn it around pretty quickly for the Spurs who seemed to be sleep walking the other night.
Spurs in 6

4. Houston – Utah: This Utah team has completely spiraled down in the last few games and even though I would love to see Sloan win another playoff series, I think I would pay to see T-Mac for one more series.
Houston in 5 or 6

Will talk about the next round after this round is over …


2 thoughts on “The NBA playoffs – torn for support

  1. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Good job sweeping the Heat. But the challenge is now to beat the Pistons. If you do that (I am rooting for you!!!), it would be wonderful!

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