I love Delta

I must mention a bit of good news from Delta, especially because I am the first one to vent in case of a problem. On a recent return trip from New York, we had a terrible terrible delay at JFK, and from Delta’s explanation, not due to their fault.

We were delayed by 2 hours at the airport itself, and then another 3 hours after boarding!

But to my pleasant surprise, I received a letter from a Delta customer care manager saying that they have deposited 10,000 miles in my account and that they apologize for the inconvenience!

I have never seen something like that happen. I have seen customer service react to an incident after I have complained, and especially Delta is good at that, but unsolicited reward? That is amazing.

Of course, they are coming out of a bankruptcy and they are trying to win over customers’ loyalties, but to go this length to get to their goal is quite credit-worthy.

Keep it up, Delta. I will continue to fly with you (though not through JFK!) 🙂


One thought on “I love Delta

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