Oh my gosh – finally Reggie scores!

Reggie Bush finally had a TD, and he ended up with two … and it was such a relief, especially after that stupid drop in the end zone one play before his first TD.

On a side note, how bad are the Saints and the QB Brees? They simply cannot get anything going on offense. While some of it may be the playmakers’ fault, I do believe the offensive line is to blame a lot for the lack of production.

But since I started playing Fantasy Football, I don’t particularly care about the team performances anymore – “my guys” should do well.

I am 2-1 and happy so far 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh my gosh – finally Reggie scores!

  1. Has he gathered a bit of rust in the past year? The ‘could be TD drop’ almost had him but he cameback good soon after.Oh so you’ve been engulfed in the Fantasy Football thing too … hmmm..

  2. RPM says:

    @rajesh: yes, I got into it this year and learnt a lot. Will be modifying my draft strategy a bit next year and I will be back! ;-)How did you do in your league?

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