Oh that 4th and 20!

How important was that 4th and 20 pass from Travita Pritchard for Stanford against USC? Or even sillier – how important was that missed PAT right at the beginning of that game??

USC could have taken that win, and may even have been unbeaten at the moment! With one loss against Oregon, they would still be in the discussion about going to the National Championship.

All ifs and buts. For now, the goal is to win against Arizona State and get to 9-2, because another loss would book their tickets to San Diego or El Paso 😦

But on the other hand, a win against ASU could not only improve their strength of schedule, but also keep their chances of 6th straight Pac-10 title alive. For that to happen, Oregon would have to lose against ucla or Oregon State, both of which seem likely with Dixon out.

Who would have thought, that after losing to Stanford and getting into a 2-loss area, that USC would still be in the talk for Pac-10 title? I did not think so at all.

The problem still remains with the offense. For whatever reason, it seems to create holes for itself by either having stupid penalties or worse, dropped balls/fumbles. The loss against Oregon had a win written all over it, if you ask me, except for the costly fumbles and turnovers. Heck, even that win could have kept the USC Trojans in talk for a National Championship game!

Oh well … those are all non-changeable events. What is in control is the upcoming schedule and that is ASU and ucla. Winning those two games are the only options available to USC at this time, and the rest is in destiny’s hands.


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