Pats rolling on

Oh what a strange turn of events this weekend. I really did not think any of the games would be the way they ended up being …

I did not think the Packers would crush the Seahawks. I did think it would be a close game and Green Bay would win it because of the home field advantage. But the way it turned after the first two turnovers, was unbelievable. Good job, Packers.

I really had a hope that the Jags would beat the Pats. Of course, the chances were very slim, but I was hopeful. And to a great extent they were quite solid and were able to hold their own against the mighty team. But of course the experience, the confidence, the poise of New England and the exact opposite for Jacksonville ended up making the final score look like a dominant win.

Oh and then this morning the way the Chargers beat the Colts was probably the biggest surprise of them all. Chargers ended up being without their two main offensive weapons in LT and Rivers and were still able to hold off the Colts on the road! Quite a good win for a team that had not made the second round for such a long time till this year.

And then the surging Giants beat the Cowboys for yet another upset and therefore set up a Giants at Packers NFC championship. Oh, I would so NOT watch that game at all! I don’t like the Giants and I don’t like the Packers much so I truly don’t care about this game. But I do like Ryan Grant and the way he runs – what acceleration! He is fun to watch, but I simply cannot watch Favre, no offense to GB and Favre fans.

Chargers at Patriots could be a good match up if the Chargers are healthy, though their regular season meeting does not support that statement. But it is the post-season, it is winner-takes-all and who knows, one odd bounce here, one injury there and the Chargers could actually pull it off. But the problem is both Rivers and LT are not in good shape and I do not believe a 1.5-string offense can keep up with the New England offense.

So, it looks like it will be a dream super bowl matchup of the legendary Favre vs the upcoming legend Brady. I would think New England would win it, creating a major major record of going unbeaten throughout the entire season and instantly becoming one of the greatest teams of all time.

I hope it does not happen 🙂


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