Comcast DVR sucks!

I think it is the software, but whatever it is, it is VERY annoying that Project Runway and Real Time with Bill Maher record 10 times a week even though I physically go and set them not to record on all times except when they air the new episodes.

It seems to me that the program guide refreshes the “new/not new” link every time it has to record a program and detects them as “not new” because the network does not send the “old” flag setting. But why would it record the episode even though I explicitly told the DVR not to?? Now every single day I have to check what’s recorded and delete the repeats manually.

It does not happen with Conan or other programs, just Project Runway and Real Time. What’s so special about these shows?

Or am I right and Comcast DVR just simply sucks?

Boy am I glad that we are moving to a place which most likely should have no issues with line of sight and that I can get DirecTV!


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