NBC no longer my favorite TV channel

I was a blind fan of the NBC network. I liked their shows in general, but even when they did some things which most people considered stupid (sever ties with iTunes, launch NBC Direct, etc.) I stuck around as a fan.

But no longer.

I used to like American Dreams which they cancelled.
I love Scrubs, but according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, due to the recent writers’ strike, it may not even get its last season on NBC.
I love Friday Night Lights and it looks like according to the same reporter in the paper mentioned above, that NBC may be shopping that show around to other networks.

I am not sure what the heads at NBC are thinking, but they are clearly not listening to their audience. Maybe the current “hot trend” is different from what I think are great shows, but I know I am not the only one. There was a huge movement by fans of American Dreams to continue the show, and there is a similar movement by fans of Friday Night Lights to continue the show. I don’t need to talk much about Scrubs, pretty much everyone knows it is a good show and that NBC has essentially thrown it around the schedule like there’s no tomorrow.

I am giving up on NBC. I am not sure which is my new favorite channel, but abc seems like they are quite a good network. First of all, Lost is on abc! Also, they have ESPN which has ESPN360.com which shows a ton of TV online for free. And of course they have Disney!

Bye bye NBC.


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