I can’t believe I did what I just did

Someone called me a few minutes back from San Jose Mercury News, which I subscribe to. They said they tried to charge my credit card which is on file for auto renewal two days back, and it got declined, and that they would like updated credit card information.

Now, I have caller ID and I saw it was from San Jose Mercury News. Also, I know that I had my credit card replaced in the last year and I could very well have not informed them about the updated card information.

Given those two things, I did not even hesitate to give my new card number and expiration date.

As I was giving that information, the wife was gesticulating at me, telling me what the heck! And at that moment I thought to myself, that here I am, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with all the information around us about credit card scams and fraud schemes which work EXACTLY like it happened with me. And yet, here I am, giving away my credit card number and expiration date without thinking at all.

I gave it anyway, but it is worth thinking about it – why did I not think about this before giving up vital information? Could caller ID be spoofed? Maybe so. But intuitively I did not think this was a fraud case.

Only time will tell if I was had, but in a few days I will know if it was genuinely the Merc.

I hope I see the charge on my bill soon!!


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe I did what I just did

  1. Don’t wait!1. Call SJMN accounts dept and ask if they did make the call for this, 2. Call your credit card company and alert them about the episode (especially if no. 1 is inconclusive).

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