Texas Tech #2???? Kidding me, right?

What exactly has Texas Tech done to deserve #2 ranking besides beating then #1 Texas?

Let’s see the out of conference schedule – Eastern Washington (3-5 and not even Div 1), Nevada (5-4), Southern Methodist (1-8) and hold your breath, UMass (6-3 but in Div 1)!!

Granted that they were highly ranked and they beat then #1 but what was the justification before the Texas game to have them ranked so high?? Were there not enough teams with better resumes? Should teams start scheduling cupcakes so that they get to unbeaten records by October to justify a high ranking??

This is B.S. and I hope the people who rank teams week in and week out stop hyping up the Texas Tech train. They are absolutely overrated and they do not deserve to be so high up in the rankings.

Bring in what your arguments are … would love to discuss.


2 thoughts on “Texas Tech #2???? Kidding me, right?

  1. Well on that same token, lets take a look at USC and their “difficult” schedule… and why Texas Tech isn’t properly ranked … USC week1 defeats (5-5) virginia that texas tech pummeled in last years bowl game .. week 2 defeated 7-2 floppin’ buckeyes of osu (missing their starting tailback and starting true freshman at qb) … hah then week 3 they get beat by the better unranked Oregon State Beavers (this in itself provides the country with evidence that the BCS is biased .. how the hell could USC even be considered in the top 25 after losing to an unranked team .. west coast bias … Texas Tech thus far has performed every week .. they deserve their rankings .. granted their headcoach doesn’t have some marquee last name such as “Meyer” or “Saban” and the ESPN crew hasn’t applauded their performance in the past when their records haven’t been so hot like they have for Michigan and Notre Dame .. Lucky for the Red Raiders all that crapt is thrown out the window come gametime and all that really matters is who is better at football on that given day .. so usctrojan, quit whining about everyone else and how they aren’t properly ranked, instead why not trying to do something to make you and your team better .. like putting together 4 quarters of solid football … sucka ..

  2. RPM says:

    I usually don’t respond to anonymous comments, but I will only say this – identify yourself and I will have a meaningful conversation with you. Until then, even though you are my blog’s audience, you will just be a passer by for me.

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