I am buying #wp7 to replace my #iPhone

So, “replace” may be a misnomer. But I wanted to write down what I am
giving up, what I am able to get which I don’t have now and what is
equally replaced.

My windows phone should hopefully arrive tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are
things I do/use on my iPhone today:

1. Use McAfee EMM to get access to my work email, contacts, calendar (exchange).
2. Access my personal email (google apps), hotmail, yahoo and a
different gmail account.
3. Access my contacts via hotmail exchange active sync.
4. Access my calendar via gmail (not apps account, different one).
5. Twitter for iPhone.
6. Seesmic for iPhone.
7. Facebook, esp for check in (places).
8. LinkedIn for iphone.
9. Boxcar for twitter notifications.
10. Engadget app for iPhone.
11. ESPN Scorecenter.
12. Yahoo fantasy football.
13. YouTube.
14. Shazam.
15. AOl radio for local stations. Iheeartradio as a backup.
16. Pandora.
17. Directv scheduler.
18. HippoRemote.
19. Amazon.
20. Groupon.
21. Starbucks (and it’s mobile payment counterpart).
22. Yelp.
23. TripIt.
24. Windows Live Messenger.
25. Meebo.
26. A bunch of kiddie games.
27. Some games for myself (angry birds better on iPad, but Madden is
cool on the iPhone).

Once I get my Samsung Focus I will look at the apps that are available
and update this post with what I have been able to replace and not. I
know EMM is not supported so I will have to use my
iPad to check work email “on the go”. All else, the jury is out.

There mat be things I can live without like the fantasy football app
but things I may not be able to live without like say, boxcar (or
equivalent) notifications. Let’s see what the situation looks like.

Update after the weekend!


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