Customary #windowsphone app update – personal edition

The Windows Phone bloggers have been active recently, for good and bad reasons. Just yesterday, the ESPN ScoreCenter app finally was released for Windows Phone so I thought it may be a good idea for me to look back at what I thought were missing features/apps for me going from iPhone to Windows Phone.

The list was something like:

  1. Corporate email: I still don’t have access to my work Exchange server and that is the single-biggest issue I am facing. I am completely handicapped without knowing what my next meeting is about and where it is. I am dying to get *some* access to my corporate Exchange server. (note: access to Exchange server is available but my company does not allow it outside of McAfee EMM app or Good Technology’s app, neither of which are available on windows phone yet)
  2. Notifications: I was looking for Boxcar type, clean and universal notifications. I did not get that yet, but a lot of the apps are slowly building some sort of indicators (Live tiles, toast notifications) and it can only get better. I am not missing it as much as I thought I would be.
  3. ESPN: Done! Finally, it is here.
  4. Hipporemote: There are many remote desktop apps but since I have my iPad with Hipporemote, I have not bothered to try any other apps. Don’t miss this one too much.
  5. Amazon: Done! Came a while back.
  6. In-browser video/Flash/HTML5: Coming in Mango at the end of the year. Or maybe sooner? Who knows. Not there, but coming soon.
  7. Hidden wireless networks: Not resolved and not sure if NoDo is going to resolve it. But I guess it’s fine for now.

Now, what I am missing today:

  1. Bank of America app: This has been made visible in public but I am not sure what the hold up is.
  2. E*Trade app: This is not in order, but this is one app that I can use which is not yet in the Marketplace.
  3. Liveshare is one app that was released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone at once. I would love more apps like that, especially the social ones (Instagram, anyone?) so that I can include my friends on other platforms in my mobile sharing life 🙂

Not going to look at features that I feel are missing because that will make this a 15-page post 🙂


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