I recently wrote a post about how I was a bit frustrated with the various types of backlogs created by an unexplained need to consume information. This is a follow up to the post. I took immediate action and here’s what I have done so far to make life a bit easier:

  • Unsubscribed to all but 4 podcasts. Also, changed podcast subscription settings to keep only 2 episodes. If I don’t listen to an old one and it happens to be a good one, I will go find it, rather than let it pile up.
  • Unsubscribed from many high-volume RSS feeds. Most of these feeds were from tech blogs where there is much incentive to keep posting “fresh” content for a variety of reasons (well, no, for one reason – pageviews). I have noticed my “pending” stuff has gone down dramatically as a result.
  • DVR pain has been eased by the fact that we are in summer and therefore, it is off-peak for most primetime shows. I am sure I will cut down on the shows after seeing what gets cancelled this Fall.

The result of this simplification? The wife and I were able to watch two movies 🙂 I know, it was also one of the complaints, but it was nice that we were actually able to make a choice about what we want to do rather than letting something else choose for us.

I strongly suggest you take a look at your information consumption habits too, and see where you can trim and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed. 🙂


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