My Amazon order history

In light of the recent rumors about Amazon potentially increasing Amazon Prime fees from $80/yr to maybe up to $120/yr, I went into my order history at My first instinct when I heard the rumor was to unsubscribe (or more correctly, not renew) but upon further review, it looks like I should be fine even with the $40 increase, based on my consumption of amazon “stuff”: orders placed there, amazon video, amazon kindle “free” ebook every month.

But since I was there, I thought I’d do something with my order history, so here it is:


Some points to note:

  • The order counts in 2012 and 2013 are “off” because we moved to India in late-2012 and moved back late-2013.
  • Looks like I went crazy with amazonmp3 when it first launched πŸ™‚
  • As you can see, if we continue at around 40 orders a year, a $40/yr increase means adding $1 to shipping costs and that is not even including the benefits we get via video and books. Maybe those bean counters at amazon did their homework πŸ™‚

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