Power BI – My beer check-ins

Power BI recently introduced a publish to web feature which I was dying to have (because the current setup only allows sharing interactive dashboards within the organization).

It is free while it is in preview, but I am not sure how they can charge for this feature, to be honest.

Some examples of the dashboards I have built just to play around with Power BI:

  • My beer checkins on Untappd


  • My tweet history analysis



*** Please note: Because WordPress.com does not recognize the iframe embed for Power BI, the dashboard will not show up as embedded here (as it should). Until Power BI is added to the WordPress.com whitelist, you will have to click through on the link and it will open the dashboard in its own tab.


One thought on “Power BI – My beer check-ins

  1. DataChant says:

    Reblogged this on Data Chant and commented:
    Dear Power BI team. Please work with WordPress.com and enter into their whitelist. Thank you Romit for sharing this. I am not alone šŸ™‚

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