Vacation with just smartphone camera

Recently we went on a trip to Switzerland and like my previous long trip, I decided to use only my smartphone as the camera for the trip. That way I only needed to carry one device with its charger vs phone, DSLR and video camera, along with their own storage cards and chargers and carry bags and so on.

To my eyes, the pictures have come out quite well. Please take a look and let me know what you think. The pictures are full resolution version of the pictures from my iPhone 6s. There have been no edits made except what the iPhone does for HDR (in some cases) or when I have taken a pano. In some pictures you may be able to see some reflection off the train’s window’s glass.

Let me know how you like these pictures (from a camera/quality perspective first, location/beauty next :-))

The album is located here  (couldn’t embed for whatever reason).


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