Put That OneDrive Space To Use: Move Music Collection to the Cloud and Stream It

With online storage costs dropping rapidly, it makes sense to move music collection to the cloud. I moved mine to OneDrive and realized I can stream music!

Put That OneDrive Space To Use: Move Music Collection to the Cloud and Stream It

My Amazon order history

In light of the recent rumors about Amazon potentially increasing Amazon Prime fees from $80/yr to maybe up to $120/yr, I went into my order history at amazon.com. My first instinct when I heard the rumor was to unsubscribe (or more correctly, not renew) but upon further review, it looks like I should be fine even with the $40 increase, based on my consumption of amazon “stuff”: orders placed there, amazon video, amazon kindle “free” ebook every month.

But since I was there, I thought I’d do something with my order history, so here it is:


Some points to note:

  • The order counts in 2012 and 2013 are “off” because we moved to India in late-2012 and moved back late-2013.
  • Looks like I went crazy with amazonmp3 when it first launched 🙂
  • As you can see, if we continue at around 40 orders a year, a $40/yr increase means adding $1 to shipping costs and that is not even including the benefits we get via video and books. Maybe those bean counters at amazon did their homework 🙂

Good day yesterday…

Had a fun time with my wife yesterday. Woke up lazily and went for the eagerly awaited Spiderman 2. It was quite alright. I did not like the fact that they revealed the identity to so many people – the subway passengers, his best friend, his girl friend. How is he going to cope in the next version? Let’s see.

Went for lunch to my wife’s best place to eat – Fresh Choice. It is an all-you-can-eat salad bar, with a lot of other goodies like soups, breads, desserts, pasta, pizza, etc. Loved it.

Then we went to Fry’s to get some stuff returned. Watch my other post about clearing my Amazon wish list – she sensed it before I reminded her and got me some stuff from there for the anniversary! 🙂 Love you, sweety for reading my mind … fourth year in a row 😉

Came home and changed and went to San Jose Center for Performing Arts for the touring production of The Producers, the amazingly popular Mel Brooks musical. It starred Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in the initial version on broadway. This one was quite well done too. I am not too much of a theater critic, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was quite funny and the music was quite upbeat too.

Then at 11pm, we had trouble finding a good restaurant which was open. That’s the problem of being the ‘burbs. We tried Mexican, Indian, Italian. No go. Finally, we ended up going to IHOP! Yea, baby. Belgian Banana Nut Waffle with whipped 🙂

That was the end of the big day. Now, we begin the fifth year. All of the people who called for wishing us had a common question ‘when are you giving us the good news?’. The fifth year project could be generation of the ‘good news’. Right? As KB said, she is quite ready. I guess the whole world is waiting for me. Too much pressure 🙂

Do not read anything into it. If we wait for one more year, I don’t think we’ll be liked by anyone in the family. Or people will start questioning our ‘health’ 😉