What is the Indian team’s think tank doing?

I noticed that they chose to go with 2 pace bowlers and 2 spinners. That’s fine. But why Zaheer? Why not Nehra?

Nehra has not done anything wrong this series. Zaheer has been injured and even when he played, he has been pedestrian. Why choose him?

He has already proved to be expensive. Wides and boundaries. Quite pathetic.

Unless of course, the team has yet another injury – Nehra 😦


I sort of take back my point

Ganguly’s comment that it was a tough call between Agarkar and Nehra makes me think about what I said earlier.

I think he still has his favorites, and does back them more than the others (ex Powar and Karthik vs Bhajji), but he is man enough to come and justify most of his decisions.

I have never doubted him. I just have a stinky feeling that if you are not in his good books, he may not support you as much as he could.

Comments posted on my earlier post were all good, but don’t you guys think that there may be some truth in what I am trying to say?

Ganguly plays favorites

I like Ganguly as a captain. He has always backed his players and formed this team. In fact, he has, over time, earned the respect of his teammates. Especially the youngsters.

But he does play favorites. Well known examples are, he loves Nehra and Bhajji. And he does not like Agarkar and Powar.

Granted that Powar is not a certain inclusion, he was still dropped from the side after decent performances in Pakistan.

But dropping Agarkar is even more shocking. Is Nehra a better bowler than Agarkar? Who knows? Both are on-and-off bowlers and both need their ‘days’ to shine. On their off days, both are quite pedestrian. So what made Gangs choose Nehra?

Because Nehra probably brings him his morning tea with biscuits and newspapers. And Bhajji probably irons his clothes for him before he goes into the shower.

This attitude just sucks.