While I have been less than impressed with how service providers behave here in India, what happened this morning as I got to my work really, really annoyed me and made my flip my table.

I have long suspected that my desk was being used by someone else when I was away. Of course, I haven’t been able to prove it, or convince the facilities folks about it. Nevertheless, what I saw this morning was enough to prove it.

I was unpleasantly surprised to see food marks all over my desk this morning. As if someone ate their food (sloppily, too) at my desk and left without cleaning up. It was absolutely disgusting to see those food marks all over the desk.

I barely found space to put my computer down and take some pictures to send to facilities and have them clean it up.

My irritation is as much with someone using my desk and associated problems like my chair being constantly switched, but the absolute unprofessionalism that one of my co-workers showed by not cleaning up after eating. It’s not like my cubicle seems abandoned – there are a bunch of cables lying around and of course, a giant monitor and my freaking name plate!

If my co-workers behave this way, what am I to expect from “the common man”? These are educated people working for a multinational company and if they care so little about such things, the situation is quite dire in general.

I know this may seem like an overreaction if you read it in vacuum, but the fact is I have been seeing similar unprofessional behavior all over the place across several people interactions I have had since I moved back.

At this point, it has been about 30 minutes, and nobody has responded from facilities. :-/

What’s up with Indians’ behavior with other Indians?

I went to the ATM today when I realized that there was a new Indian restaurant called Tiffins right next to it. I noted it and after doing my bank work, I decided to try it out.

After all, they served Naans, Paneer, etc. and they mentioned Tandoor too.

It is a small place that can seat maybe 15 people. There is a mini buffet where you can order 2 or 3 items and you get 2 tandoori rotis or rice or 1 Naan. I chose Naan, along with Malai Kofta and Matar Paneer.

The Naan was awesome – with butter shimerring on its top surface. I have not had butter naan in a while, so this was quite a good deal. As I was eating, I noticed a gentleman who looked like the owner, talking to the person who was taking the orders. They were talking business, I suppose.

Then he started walking towards me and asked me how the food tasted. I replied that it tasted good. Then, immediately, even without waiting to hear what I had to say, he turned away and started talking to a white boy who was waiting for his to-go order.

He talked and talked and talked. He in fact, gave him the menu for him to take and give it to friends. He also told him what other stuff they have to offer to him. A lot of things were discussed.

My problem is that why did he not choose to talk like that to me, or another Indian fellow who was sitting there? Why did he choose to talk so much in detail with the white boy?

And trust me, this is not the first time I have seen something like this happening. I have seen it all over the place, and a lot of times. Amber India in Mountain View is one place that jumps out for such behavior.

It is sad, but true. Why do Indians not like other Indians? Is there some bad precedent that Indian consumers in general have set? Do business people not want to bond too much with Indians? What is the reason?