Video response to Molly Wood re: #wp7 challenge conclusion

Freaking hilarious. Snarks aside, he has absolutely nailed the double standards Molly showed during the 2-week trial. She would rather have a broken Android than a Windows Phone. She did not like that there was no turn-by-turn navigation in Windows Phone, but has no reason not to let her friends choose the iPhone over Windows Phone, while iPhone does not have turn-by-turn navigation either. Nor does it have her other wanted feature, compose email by voice.

Can someone please let me know what she is trying to conclude? I didn’t get it. Oh no, I did. She concludes, “I like Android”. Sigh.


Shoot your dream Windows Phone ad #windowsphone

I saw the post over at asking its readers to come up with the dream Windows Phone ad. I have some ideas but I don’t want to show my personal information, and I don’t want to reset my phone to show dummy data, so here are my ideas.

  1. Theme – to show how adding Facebook account lights up the phone: The shot starts with an extremely happy new owner of a Windows Phone. The next shot should zoom into a shot of the phone with the guy narrating what he is doing. And that is, entering his facebook information. The account setup is saved and he goes into the People Hub and sees facebook status updates and pictures. He then goes on to like a picture and comment on someone’s status. And finally, he goes into the “Me” tile and updates his own status.
  2. Theme – to show pictures hub: Again, the ad starts with a new owner excited about his phone. He tells his wife (or the wife tells her husband) that he is going to set up his windows live account which he had already linked to flickr. As he is saying this, the ad shows some screens from a PC showing windows live linking to flickr. Next shot shows the windows phone zoomed in, and him opening the Pictures hub showing all the past albums and pictures (swiping left and right should illustrate the fluidity of the OS). He then tells his wife how he didn’t even remember uploading some of those pictures and is delighted to see them. Some sort of tagline should follow, saying how “glance and go” trumps app-in-app-out.
  3. Theme – to show Music and Videos hub: Shot starts straight with the phone zoomed in, a la iPhone/iPad ads. The user goes into the Music and Videos hub and starts playing local music. Then he goes to Shazam and gets a song which has a link to the Zune Marketplace and that is clicked, to stream the song directly. Then show a YouTube video in the history which shows paused and starts from the previous spot. The glance-and-go tagline ends the ad.

Similarly, ads to show the unified calendar (not sure if showing some Google Calendar snippets will help), Lock screen info, XBOX hub (games, including turn-by-turn vs XBOX or PC), Maps, Office, and a general ad showcasing the apps like Cocktail Flow, Twitter, Yelp, etc. should be made.

Basically, I think the “Really” ads need to be extended, to show what comes next. As in, why are people with Windows Phone spending less time immersed into the phone screens.