Interesting thought…

Was listening to a morning radio show on the way to work and they were having a good discussion about whether it is wise to take your kids to see Fahrenheit 9/11.

It has some pretty graphic pictures of the American soldiers’ bodies being charred and hung on the bridge. It also has horrific images of kids who died because of bombing in Iraq. Would you take your kids to such movies?

At what point do you start telling them about such things? Is there a sign?


Fahrenheit 9/11 rocks!

Yes! I saw the movie. It is truly hard-hitting. I wonder how the powers-that-be have allowed this movie to be made, and released to the general public.

How did Michael Moore get all that footage? Some of it was pretty graphic.

The people all clapped in the theater at the end of the movie. I did too. I felt like. It is a very well made movie, even though it is sort of a documentary. It did not get boring at all. Maybe it was because the characters of the film were quite funny. The part where Bush is shown in the elementary school on the morning of 9/11, is too funny. He was so clueless. Correction, he is so clueless.

Let’s see if this movie has election impact…