All good things must end – USC’s streak has ended

And what a frustrating game watch it was! Stanford beat USC and it was mostly a pathetic performance from the QB John David. Granted that his finger was hurt some time during the game, but if that was the case why was he made to pass so much??

Oh how we missed Stafon Johnson! And maybe the broken finger is actually a blessing in disguise? Is Mark Sanchez the answer?

I really do not feel comfortable, as I have said several times (even after some good passing games), with John David leading this offense. And there was at least one tipped pass I saw today, besides the 4 INT’s and if there is any sort of report card for a QB, those items should say it all. Really. Ignore the yards passing, and ignore the TD.

One thing I must also add, to be very fair to the guy, is that the WR’s of this team are very overrated and inexperienced at the same time. Patrick Turner, Vidal Hazelton both dropped easy catches very early in the game. Of course, it should not impact a QB’s performance in the game overall.

It is sort of sad that the most dependable receiver in my eyes in the TE Fred Davis!

Anyway, on the side, I was sad to see Florida did not close the door on LSU later. I truly believe LSU will now go undefeated (unless they end up facing Florida again in the SEC title game, where it may be a toss up).

Also, it is also early in the season relatively speaking. USC still has quality opponents it can beat, to earn the respect back from the community.

Here’s hoping they get the credit where it is due!