Miami/South Beach and Key West

My first time to these places. I was surprised to see the night life there. Of course, I had anticipated it, because of the stories heard about the place. But to experience it first hand, it was quite amazing.

Miami never sleeps, or so it seemed. A comparison was made to Vegas. But I think Vegas has an older crowd and a different mindset. People in Vegas have a different agenda than the people in Miami. And that’s why I liked Miami better.

In fact, Key West, where the southernmost tip of the continental USA is, is probably even better than South Beach. I loved the life there. Don’t know if I can live there and survive there, but for a vacation, if given a choice between Miami, Vegas and Key West, I would definitely choose Key West. It is smaller, but cooler. 🙂

Just take away the rain, and the traffic on Route 1. 😉