Samsung Focus on #chuck! #windowsphone

Those who were complaining about the in-your-face promos on other shows, here’s a nice cameo by the Samsung Focus on the iPhone-dominated show, Chuck.

Go to 33:18 where Vivian is in the vault.

Scrubs on abc???

Did I choose abc as my potential favorite in my previous post? If not, this breaking news confirms it. Yay for abc if they are in fact going to pick up Scrubs.

Boo NBC.

Now, if only abc picks up Friday Night Lights!


What’s the deal with the NBC show T.H.E.M.?

Happened to watch the crappy T.H.E.M. What’s the deal? Just some random pranks on groups of people? Just show us the magic, guys. We’ve had enough of Punk’d to be able to appreciate such nonsense.

NBC is losing it. They better line up something strong for Fall, or else CBS is going to run away with all the ad dollars.