Things our kids will never know

I remember sometime last year I took my then 3-year old son to a post office. Along the way we also stopped by at a coffee shop or Noah’s bagels (don’t remember which). Those two stops blew his mind – at the coffee shop he saw someone reading a newspaper and he asked me what a newspaper was. It was hard to explain. Then, we went to the post office because I had to return something and the pre-paid postage was for USPS. As we walked into the post office, he asked where we were and I had a hard time explaining him what “sending mail” meant!

I was reminded of these this morning when I thought we have hardly used our landline. Kids earlier used to run to the home phone when it rang, just so they could answer the call. Now, with cell phones, it is usually one of the parents who picks up the phone since the phones are always with them. Answering a “home phone” – yet another thing kids won’t do in the future, starting now.