Phew…at least Kobe is going to stay with the Lakers

Not that it was not a forgone conclusion after Phil Jackson went and Shaq was traded, but now it is official – Kobe Bryant is going to stay with the Lakers.

I know a lot of people fall under the ‘anti Kobe’ and ‘pro Shaq’ category, but hey, as a Lakers fan, it is nice that at least one of the two superstars is going to stay.

Now, Kobe will feel what he had and what he took for granted – those easy passes to Shaq for dunks are not going to exist anymore. Do the Lakers have a center?

The NBA draft!

It’s here! I guess this year is a little different from the others because of the expansion team and also because some bigwigs are planning to get traded…

I never liked Nowitzki, so him coming to the Lakers in place of Shaq is not a great thing to look forward to. Hopefully something will change meanwhile 😉