Going to Miami…but with a heavy heart

Long long weekend (taken the Friday off) in Miami and Key West planned. Was quite pumped up about the trip. First time for me. First time for my wife.

But after the li’l one’s situation, our minds and hearts will be here. Hopefully she will continue to improve and get her health back in order. Our prayers are continuously with her. Hope it is just a minor, temporary thing. Hope.

We debated if we should stay back and not go this weekend. But it seems that the baby has to be in the hospital till Tuesday in any case. Plus there is some help around, so it should be ok for the weekend.

Cell phones are a wonderful thing. Hopefully we will use them only to exchange ‘I love you, sister’ calls … Mojito, anyone? 😉


I am helpless…need a linguist

What a contrast of emotions I had this evening, in seeing the same person at two different times. I saw the li’l one again today. But this time, instead of seeing her in the kind of freedom that I had seen her last time around, I saw her with countless probes and needles attached to her body.

Due to some complication, she has been admitted to a bigger hospital with better facilities and she is in the ICU there. What a poor little thing she is now. She has lost weight. She does not know how to complain. She is crying a lot. Finally she was able to get fed.

That was a relief. But how long will this agony last? Science, despite all its advances, has no idea about so many things. Doctors are clueless about the cause. What is going on? No idea. The only hope is that it will wear off after a month or so. With medication. More needles. Poor thing. I feel sad for her.

One thing I learned from the experience – we are so helpless when kids are that age. She is trying to tell us something, but we have no idea what it is. Is she cold? Is she warm? Does she want to sleep? Does she not want to sleep? Is she hungry? Wants to burp? So many possibilities, but no answer.

Who knows the New Born Language? We need help. Fast. For the baby’s sake and the parents’. For my sake. For the sake of all who love her.

I wish someone comes forward.