Ralf goes to Toyota!

BBC Sport had this item saying that Ralf is going to Toyota next season and that they have not decided who his team mate is going to be.

But the important point is BMW has no drivers, with JP going to McLaren next year. Wonder who is on their radar. Vill? DC? Hope it is the two of them, so that I can dismiss that team completely. While you are at it, make Damon Hill the manager of that team 🙂

Meanwhile, it was a surprise for me to learn that Toyota has the second largest budget after Ferrari.



Ganguly plays favorites

I like Ganguly as a captain. He has always backed his players and formed this team. In fact, he has, over time, earned the respect of his teammates. Especially the youngsters.

But he does play favorites. Well known examples are, he loves Nehra and Bhajji. And he does not like Agarkar and Powar.

Granted that Powar is not a certain inclusion, he was still dropped from the side after decent performances in Pakistan.

But dropping Agarkar is even more shocking. Is Nehra a better bowler than Agarkar? Who knows? Both are on-and-off bowlers and both need their ‘days’ to shine. On their off days, both are quite pedestrian. So what made Gangs choose Nehra?

Because Nehra probably brings him his morning tea with biscuits and newspapers. And Bhajji probably irons his clothes for him before he goes into the shower.

This attitude just sucks.