Vacation with just smartphone camera

Recently we went on a trip to Switzerland and like my previous long trip, I decided to use only my smartphone as the camera for the trip. That way I only needed to carry one device with its charger vs phone, DSLR and video camera, along with their own storage cards and chargers and carry bags and so on.

To my eyes, the pictures have come out quite well. Please take a look and let me know what you think. The pictures are full resolution version of the pictures from my iPhone 6s. There have been no edits made except what the iPhone does for HDR (in some cases) or when I have taken a pano. In some pictures you may be able to see some reflection off the train’s window’s glass.

Let me know how you like these pictures (from a camera/quality perspective first, location/beauty next :-))

The album is located here  (couldn’t embed for whatever reason).

Power BI – My beer check-ins

Power BI recently introduced a publish to web feature which I was dying to have (because the current setup only allows sharing interactive dashboards within the organization).

It is free while it is in preview, but I am not sure how they can charge for this feature, to be honest.

Some examples of the dashboards I have built just to play around with Power BI:

  • My beer checkins on Untappd

  • My tweet history analysis


*** Please note: Because does not recognize the iframe embed for Power BI, the dashboard will not show up as embedded here (as it should). Until Power BI is added to the whitelist, you will have to click through on the link and it will open the dashboard in its own tab.

New beginnings

After what I can only describe as the worst two months (professionally-speaking) of my life, I am ready to start afresh this Monday, October 20. I can’t wait to get started!

Last July, when I joined this company I just left, I had no idea what to expect and what was in store for me. After I started, I realized the culture was too diametrically opposite to what I was used to, and what I was expecting. And mind you, it was not the “company” that was the issue for me, it was the “people” I worked with: they were stuck in the past and were absolutely not interested in moving to 2014. For an extremely transformational initiative like a new business intelligence platform, that kind of culture would absolutely not cut it.

However, what happened in August and September of this year puts that disappointment way lower on my displeasure list. A new executive comes in, has a major political agenda, finds a few “insiders” to make them her advisors on all matters, and starts making terrible decisions. Some of these decisions were reversals of crucial initiatives which were more than halfway done, and some of them were firing consultants who were the only ones with the skills to get their respective jobs done. As a result, the entire program moved out by at least 2 months. I didn’t like some of these moves, but my thought process was simple: if I can improve my own skills and execute to a goal, I will still be ok.

Alas, she had me on her agenda as well. As in, she wanted me out. She did not want to fire me but she made it extremely difficult for me to survive in that environment. The word that comes to mind: victimization. She removed the people who reported to me so I lost my management role. She passed judgment on my 9 months of work saying it was “nonsense”, without letting me defend it. She made the assumption that I did not want to be a part of “her team” and as a result, started pointing fingers at everything I had done and everything I was doing. Like for example, monitoring when I left the office and having me switch timesheet hours for every hour that she deemed inaccurate. EVERY HOUR. Even though we are not paid by the hour.

Ultimately, I went on a sick leave followed by vacation and then ultimately quit because by then I had a few offers in my hand and felt reasonably confident I won’t have to go back to that godforsaken place. The past two weeks have been great because I have actually had time to flush out all that negativity and get ready for a new beginning. Fortunately or not, the wife is in between projects so she was also around so we were able to spend some quality time together without the distraction of the kids around us.

I have seen extremely political work places and I have seen work places with negativity especially if the company is not doing well, but this lady has been the absolute worst person I have had the chance to work with/for and would highly recommend staying away from her and her employer as far as you can.


Windows 10: The Next Version of Windows, Made for Any Device

Microsoft announced the next version of Windows, Windows 10. It promises to ease the transition from Windows XP and Windows 7, and will work on practically any device.

Windows 10: The Next Version of Windows, Made for Any Device

Attach and Share Files in Outlook Directly From OneDrive (Business and Consumer)

Outlook Web App and support attach and share of files directly from OneDrive for Business and OneDrive, great convenience.

Attach and Share Files in Outlook Directly From OneDrive (Business and Consumer)