Texas Tech #2???? Kidding me, right?

What exactly has Texas Tech done to deserve #2 ranking besides beating then #1 Texas?

Let’s see the out of conference schedule – Eastern Washington (3-5 and not even Div 1), Nevada (5-4), Southern Methodist (1-8) and hold your breath, UMass (6-3 but in Div 1)!!

Granted that they were highly ranked and they beat then #1 but what was the justification before the Texas game to have them ranked so high?? Were there not enough teams with better resumes? Should teams start scheduling cupcakes so that they get to unbeaten records by October to justify a high ranking??

This is B.S. and I hope the people who rank teams week in and week out stop hyping up the Texas Tech train. They are absolutely overrated and they do not deserve to be so high up in the rankings.

Bring in what your arguments are … would love to discuss.

USC wins and surprise surprise they can pass!

John David Booty had a monster game passing the ball this past weekend against Wazzu, but I will repeat – I don’t think he is the guy I would put the ball with at the end of a tight game. I would rather draw up a nice run play with Stafon to bail us out.

JDB’s passes are so abrupt and even this past weekend they were tipped or batted down – something just not right there.

Another important game coming up this weekend at Washington … let’s see how our pass rush does against the phenom QB up in Seattle.

Is it USC’s year?

Sure did not seem like it in the first game. Idaho was an underdog by 46 points! And USC won 38-10. I would not say it was the most dominant performance, but on the other hand Sark was saying that they tried to keep the gameplan simple.

But even with a simple game plan, JDB did not inspire much and I do believe (at least at this point, and through the last year) that he is not the guy you would expect to bring you out of trouble. Yes, if the going is good he will carry forward with the momentum, but on 4th and 9 from the opponents 26-yard line, will JDB be able to make a 63-yard throw? I don’t think so.

But of course, I hope I am wrong and he wins the Heisman this year. 🙂

Surprise, surpise – LSU fans bitter against USC

Sigh, the LSU fans are bitter. Against USC. Again. They just could not swallow the fact that their prized recruit, #2 ranked in the country, was going to go to USC instead of LSU.

There was some noise recently about recruiting violations, that Reggie Bush got on the phone with Pete Carroll in trying to get Joe McKnight to come to USC.

And now, Pete Carroll who normally does not name names has openly stated that LSU fans are the ones creating such stupid rumors!

LSU fans, just remember – this recruiting business is a dirty game. Les Miles has probably done the same thing to many other coaches that Pete Carroll ended up doing with you and your team. Its all a fair game though not clean. Take what you have and play with it. You’ve got to watch out for Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, etc. before you dream of playing USC.

So shut it and move on! Oh yea, and act like adults, not freaking 5-year olds!

Another blockbuster class at USC!

Leave it to Pete Carroll to finish strong. After a somewhat less-than-superb recruiting season, Pete Carroll and his buddies climbed up rapidly and now have what seems to be the second-best or the third best class in the country!

Who else thinks we have the deepest roster at running back? And will all of them get decent playing time? Is McKnight the next Reggie Bush?

What about fullbacks? Looks like Martin Coleman may be converted to fullback. With Lane Kiffin gone, I wonder if the fullback will have as big a role as it seemed to be this year. Maybe if there is a game-breaker like McKnight, the game plans may change?

Let’s see – can’t wait for the season to start!!

Details on the final rankings at MSNBC, among others.

USC’s rebuilding year

So much USC’s rebuilding year. After losing a bunch (huge one!) of studs last year to the NFL, this year USC was supposed to hang in there and maybe go to some nice bowl.

What has ended up happening is an unbelievable thing (well, believable nowadays of course). USC is a lock for one BCS Bowl, the Rose Bowl which takes the Pac-10 champion.

USC is the Pac-10 champion already.

USC can beat ucla and stake a claim to go to the BCS National Championship.

USC “survived” the year with one loss so far, with one game to go.

USC took the majority of All Pac-10 team honors, including the Pac-10 coach of the year for Pete Carroll.

With two games remaining in the schedule, USC knew the worst it could do is go to the Rose Bowl and if they won the last two, they could possibly go to the National Championship game. To lock up the Pac-10 title with two games to go is a fantastic feat.

USC went unbeaten at home this season.

Yea, this is the rebuilding year. They have only 4 senior starters. Provided they don’t lose too many juniors to the NFL draft, it is going to be much more experienced next year and I can’t imagine what they would be able to achieve next year.