Cho Chweet!

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You heard it here first!

Didn’t I say that Maria Sharapova’s got what it takes?

What a win! Completely contradictory to pre-match analyses. She’s too tired. Serena’s won three in a row. It’s her first Grand Slam title. Any many more.

But she did it. Though I must say, the first set was more a story of Serena’s unforced errors than Sharapova’s winners, but the point is that Sharapova did not give in to the occassion. She stayed on top of her game and mentally took Serena out of the match. The exact reason I thought she would actually lose the match.

Congratulations, and may this be the beginning of a new wave!

This girl’s got something…!

Maria Sharapova has done it again. I thought she would not be able to come back from being one set down to winning the match against Lindsay Davenport.

I mean, to come back from behind against Ai Sugiyama is different, but to do it against a former champion is something that tells me that she is different.

And in both those matches, she ripped through the final set.

Of course, Serena is going to be a completely different opponent. She has won here twice in a row and she is just too strong in today’s tennis world.

Let’s hope I am not hyping Maria too much. Good luck, Maria!

That Venus Williams match referee error

Saw that match on a replay this morning since there was no play again all day today. It was quite bizarre actually. There was no point won, it was only a first service fault which was returned and the umpire just changed the score from 2-1 to 2-2.

What surprises me is that the players did not realize the score change…are they so focussed that they have no idea what the score is? Either of them??