Cortana Adds NFL Predictions

After predicting almost 100% of the World Cup football results correctly, Cortana adds NFL predictions, just in time for NFL season.

Cortana Adds NFL Predictions

Wow – Stafford has a deal already?

That would be great for him and a little boring for us 🙂

I was actually looking forward to seeing some trades up at the top and stuff, but looks like the Lions have chosen their first pick as a QB. Hopefully now they will win a game next season …

All this is perhaps good news for Sanchez because that means he is the hot QB on the board now. Wonder if Seattle will take him. It would be good for him to sit out behind Hasselback like Carson Palmer did behind Jon Kitna.

I will be looking forward to seeing how the USC LB’s land up … there seems to be a lot of buzz around them but usually the buzz does not translate proportionately to pick numbers, so we’ll see!


Texas Tech #2???? Kidding me, right?

What exactly has Texas Tech done to deserve #2 ranking besides beating then #1 Texas?

Let’s see the out of conference schedule – Eastern Washington (3-5 and not even Div 1), Nevada (5-4), Southern Methodist (1-8) and hold your breath, UMass (6-3 but in Div 1)!!

Granted that they were highly ranked and they beat then #1 but what was the justification before the Texas game to have them ranked so high?? Were there not enough teams with better resumes? Should teams start scheduling cupcakes so that they get to unbeaten records by October to justify a high ranking??

This is B.S. and I hope the people who rank teams week in and week out stop hyping up the Texas Tech train. They are absolutely overrated and they do not deserve to be so high up in the rankings.

Bring in what your arguments are … would love to discuss.

Ricky Williams’ retirement

Ricky Williams shocked the sporting world by announcing that he is retiring at the age of 27.

I was shocked to hear the news. Its not like he has been a superstar and a legend that he can retire. Its not like his body cannot take it anymore. He has to prove that he is capable of a long career and set some records before he can retire.

And the saddest part about it for Miami at least, is that he announced this right before training camp. Not two weeks back, when Eddie George was still available. Not before the draft, where several good running backs were available. He did it now.

I am listening to some sports talk shows on the radio and they claim that he may be running from some drugs issues. If that is the case, and if he comes back after a year or two, it would be completely unacceptable in my books. He has let the team down. He has let the fans down. He is quitting on everyone, for apparently no reason.

Shame on you, Ricky.

Ok so the BCS changed its formula

Yahoo News reports that the BCS has changed its formula and is going to give AP writers and the coaches polls more weightage.

Does this solve our problems? No.

Will this solve our problems? Who knows.

One way or the other, we need a playoff structure so that all the fans see for themselves what could’ve been. Like USC/LSU meeting for a true national championship last year.

If Mike Williams comes back to USC, I would say that they will be ranked #1 in pre-season. How they play their games will determine if BCS formula is going to be important or not.

First game is against Virginia Tech, which is no puppy. So let’s get the momentum going!

Football, can’t wait for it to start! 🙂

Fingers are crossed – Mike Williams’ reinstatement request submitted to NCAA! – NCF – Mike Williams files for reinstatement with NCAA

Now, keeping fingers crossed so that he can be reinstated. It will be good for college football if he can come back to USC.

National Championship retained? Who knows. Don’t want to woof it 😉

Time to start talking football

And what better way to start it than Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis wants them to win the Super Bowl this year!

Wow. Wow. That’s a lot for a ‘rookie’ quarterback. Will he step up and deliver? I hope so.

I am not a big AFC fan, but in this case, Go Carson!!

England – too much hype?

I am not a big soccer fan. Sorry, football. But I noticed how everyone was talking about England and how they were shocked when they lost.

Granted that it was a great match, but didn’t they have a self-goal? Didn’t the highest paid player David “Posh Spice’s husband” Beckham miss a penalty kick? Didn’t he miss one earlier?

The English media elevates their teams and players to the highest levels. Case in point – Tim Henman. Any time he reaches the quarters of a Grand Slam, the talk starts. There is in fact a Henmania at Wimbledon every year.

Another case in point – the cricket team. Teams like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka have won the World Cup, but England has not. In fact, I can’t remember the last time England won a significant tournament. This is after the fact that their domestic cricket structure is probably the most well-developed.

Is all the hype and hoopla around the English teams and players worth it?