India Test Team

The Indian test team for the West Indies tour was announced yesterday and as usual I feel that the explanation provided was quite funny.

More here talks about Agarkar’s exclusion:

More defended Agarkar’s exclusion, based on his poor record in Tests but praised his performance in the three ODIs so far. ” We saw the statistics and Agarkar has not been performing as a Test player”, he said. “We also saw the situation on a green top in Karachi where three other fast bowlers were looked in before him. He is bowling well now [in ODIs] and we are happy for him.”

And here he talks about how VRV Singh comes in:

On VRV Singh making his first Test tour, More said, “He has done very well in domestic cricket. He always had potential. He did well in the Abu Dhabi tournament but not in the final. We just can’t count out any player [based on one bad performance]. Somebody gets three ducks we can’t say he is a bad player. We always have to back them up as they have potential.”

So let me get this right – Agarkar is the best bowler today, but he is the best bowler in one day internationals. He did not bowl well some time ago in tests, and so he should not be taken. At the same time, VRV Singh bowled well some time ago, and that too in one day internationals, and he should be taken??

Gosh, either stop explaining the composition of the team or put some thought into the explanations before handing them out!


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