Picasa finally catches up

Picasa finally updated their client to allow FREE hosting of up to 250MB of photos. I can’t wait for the invitation to start using it. In fact I may pay the $25/year fee for the 6GB storage because then I can avoid paying the same to my web host.

From the millions of ‘early impression’ posts I have seen today, it looks like it is a reasonable upgrade to the Picasa2 client. The only thing people are not happy with is why make everyone download a desktop client when everything else they do seems to be pointing the other way – web-way.

And why limit to only 250MB? When Gmail is 2.7GB, why limit photos to only 250MB? Maybe they have realized they need to make some money? 🙂

The other thing I read today is that ‘private’ feature has a clear bug where it does not stay private because people were able to fake the URL and add /private to someone’s albums and get the private pictures. HAHA, so much for private feature.

I guess I will be happy to start using and get familiar with it before cancelling my web hosting package 🙂


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