Canadian GP

What a boring championship this is turning out to be. What was expected was that Kimi would challenge Alonso and Schumy would be up there in the standings too, but look at how this season has unfolded – boring domination by Alonso, with Schumy being a distant #2, and Kimi out of the title picture completely.

And Kimi’s state of affairs was clear when he was asked about his slip at the end of the race making him go to P3 instead of the P2 he was holding till the second-last lap. And his response was something to the effect of no big deal, does not make a difference if you are P2 or P3, if you don’t win the race. Just shows how casual he is taking this season and that we should not expect any miracles from him till maybe next year.

Speaking of next year, it is still a mystery who is going to partner Fisi at Renault next year. I would imagine, Kimi, but will Kimi be ready to be a potential #2 driver, since Fisi was apparently termed the “backbone” of the team??

So if Kimi cannot be #2 driver at Renault and if Schumy stays on and therefore Kimi cannot be a #2 driver at Ferrari, will he stay back at McLaren?


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