Wimbledon 2006

Roger Federer played a good match, and in the end prevailed over Nadal in an exciting Wimbledon final match. It was exciting because everyone knew that Nadal was not going to get blown away by Federer.

And he did not. After losing 6-0 in the first set, which I sort of expected, given the nerves of making the first final on grass and playing the best player on grass, Nadal came back big time and even though he lost in the second set tie break, he won the next set. And suddenly it seemed like there would be a 5-setter.

Federer would have nothing of it. He shut the door on Nadal and closed out the match in the fourth set.

What was surprising to me is how little Federer came to the net and whenever he did come, how uncomfortable he was made to feel. Nadal on the other hand, came to the net and won many points from there, and to say that he is a clay court player is really unjust. He is a complete player and in no time, he will be a threat to Federer.

And if you know me, and have read my earlier blogs, this is exactly what I love – a great rivalry. Federer’s winning was getting boring and he still is a class above everyone else except Nadal. Now, Nadal has risen way above what was expected and is a true challenger. It should be fun!!


3 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2006

  1. They have been talking about this rivalry and if you happened to watch the presentation ceremony, even Roger enjoyed it ;)But yes, Nadal is soon going to be a threat.He’s one of the fastest on the court and he knows how to attack his opponents weak points. Reads Federer well. But that being said, Roger defended his title with style. You could see him playing the waiting game even after he was broken. Wimbledon is a different arena for him.

  2. The best comment I heard before the game.. that Federer does not respect Nadal, but Federer fears Nadal; and Nadal has a lot of respect for Federer, but Nadal does not fear Federer. That summed up the game, I think. Nadal has got into Federer’s head. That amazingly one sided statistic of their head-to-head results certainly plays into Federer’s mind. When he made errors, they were unbelievable wild shots. Simply a case of nerves, it appeared. Even if you read his pre-match comments, they were very defensive in a way. Very uncharacteristic for one who is supposed to be God on the tennis court.. But it was an awesome game, one or the other way. That ferocious hitting by both of them, from the baseline, made the game look like a Table Tennis game. They were swatting them like mosquitoes. And the best shot of all is the one that Federer used few times – the backhand top spin, from the baseline, while standing on his toes, ball going downwards (just understand this part – from the baseline, no loop up and then down – just down!) in a dismissive kind of backhand topspin. Simply superb!

  3. RPM says:

    @rajesh, spm: I think it is ultimately in the head … Federer must have started doubting himself after winning the first set so easily and then getting broken in the first game in the second set. French Open Finals, anyone? :-)Also, being center court at Wimbledon, Federer must have had that extra push from inside that gave him more confidence than Nadal to get the deal done. Nadal on the other hand must have had a tiny bit of doubt after losing the second set and then again after getting broken in the 4th set. Of course, some of Federer’s shots were just unbelievable. How he is able to not only cover the court, but generate the pace/spin to get the ball back in court and for a winner is just unexplainable. I don’t think even my XBOX can produce such shots ;-)All in all, a great final match. Looking forward to a re-match in the US Open.

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