Nokia’s Roller Coaster Fortnight

Nokia’s had a roller coaster fortnight. What matters though, is the Lumia 900 seems to be selling well. Is it enough to mark Nokia’s comeback? Time will tell.

Nokia’s Roller Coaster Fortnight

The Problem with Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 reviews are out. A look at why Nokia and Microsoft have a problem with the device and the platform when it comes to reviews and reviewers. Perception is reality, right?
The Problem with Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 900

Some images from the #Nokia booth at #CES


#Nokia Lumia 710 and 900 ads #WP7

Budget smartphone with free built-in turn-by-turn navigation and 2D/3D maps ($100 value, at least)? Check. The Nokia Lumia 710. For $50.


Sexy, large-screen, 4G LTE-enabled, dual-camera boasting smartphone? Check. The Nokia Lumia 900. Coming soon.