Sania Mirza slumping

After having a sensational year or year-and-a-half, Sania Mirza has continued to slump and get out in quite early rounds. She had so much promise and I don’t know what it is, but she has just not taken off like she was expected to.

Media pressure? Maybe. Self-confidence (lack of)? Not likely.

Whatever it is – its just not happening for her anymore.


6 thoughts on “Sania Mirza slumping

  1. @ Rpm – Thats not the case. If you see the resuls she has been putting up tough fights. Wimbledon for example 7-6; 7-5 and that too against the 7th seed.(Though she was 5-2 up in the 1st set but too many unforced errors.)Yeah she has had a good run in ’05 and saying that the opponents were in top 10 doesnt help. She needs time … to think and to improve her game

  2. RPM says:

    @rajesh: yes, but I have two points: 1. Why is she getting out in first and second rounds (not Grand Slams only, but other tournaments also)2. Why is she playing the 7th seed in the first round?

  3. “Whatever it is – its just not happening for her anymore.” When was it happening for her?Does she even have any WTA tournament wins?Her record this year is 7-12.There is too much hype surrounding her. She needs to win some tournaments. Let her start with winning one.

  4. Yeah I agree that she’s not winning and its not happening to her. Its not that she’s not been putting in effort but just that she needs to learn how to win sets and close matches.

  5. RPM says:

    @virigina gal: Yes, she definitely is an awesome inspiration, but purely as a sportsperson she is not doing as well as she should have. Or at least how she promised to be, from her play a couple of years back (or was it last year?) … @rajesh: Yes, she is not able to close out games/matches. She really needs to get mentally tougher.

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