Bye bye Schumacher, congratulations Alonso

Congratulations to Fernando Alonso on winning the drivers’ championship this year. He started off so well that the bumps along the way and the resurgence of Michael Schumacher midway through the season almost made it seem like the beginning part of the season was useless for Alonso.

Anyway, the season is over and a brand new chapter starts next year. Michael Schumacher is gone and with it, he takes a lot of character out of the Formula 1 circuit. Alonso goes to McLaren and it will be interesting to see how that factory improves its cars from this year’s debacles.

And most importantly, Massa gets paired with Kimi at Ferrari. It will be an interesting team to watch, first of all the dynamics within the team and more importantly, the performance of the team itself.

Meanwhile, my last post on ‘bye bye Michael’ – ends with Bye Bye Michael Schumacher, you will be thoroughly missed!


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